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water seller causes confusion among drivers in traffic with her heavy backside

A water seller in Ivory Coast has caused quite a stir among drivers, as seen in a video monitored by The young lady’s curvaceous figure, highlighted by a short black skirt and an orange round-neck top, seemed to have caught the attention of many drivers stuck in traffic.

In the video, one driver and his companion were so captivated by the water seller’s physique that they called her over to buy water. Their reaction turned wild as she turned her back to attend to other drivers, her full backside swaying with each step she took.

Her appealing physique didn’t just draw the attention of this particular driver and his friend. It seemed to have a domino effect, prompting other drivers trapped in the gridlock to also patronize her. The sight of her walking from one vehicle to another, her curvy figure on display, had all eyes glued on her.

The lady’s outfit, coupled with her voluptuous figure, left not only the drivers but also some passengers in a state of awe. As she went about her business, it was clear that her presence added a dash of intrigue to an otherwise dull and frustrating traffic jam. This video serves as a testament to how something as mundane as selling water can turn into a spectacle when mixed with a bit of glamour.


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