“We are having marital problems but i have chosen to remain silent over it” -Big Akwes wife Freda speaks

Freda, the wife of Ghanaian actor Big Akwes, has opened up about the challenges she has been facing for almost a year. She revealed that since her mother passed away last year, she has been going through a difficult time.

Despite her lighthearted social media presence, Freda admitted that she has been dealing with a lot of pain.

She mentioned that she has been having disagreements with akwess  over their children, but she has chosen not to publicly address the issue in the hopes that things will improve.

In a TikTok livestream, Freda expressed that if it were someone else in her situation, they might have contemplated suicide due to the magnitude of her problems.

Speculation arose regarding marital troubles between Freda and Big Akwes, but Freda made it clear that she had no intention of divorcing her husband.

Big Akwes also addressed the rumors, explaining that his recent trip abroad was for business purposes and not to mend his marriage.

There were reports suggesting that Freda had assisted Big Akwes with his travel documentation to Germany, but due to alleged disobedience on his part, she had supposedly asked him to leave, causing their six-month marriage to face challenges.

However, both Freda and Big Akwes have denied these rumors, emphasizing their commitment to each other.

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