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“We are not getting men to propose to us in UK”- Nigerian lady cries of loneliness (watch video)

A Nigerian woman, who is both young and attractive, currently living in the UK, has gained significant attention online with her sincere plea to men.

In a brief TikTok video, she spoke on behalf of numerous women who are encountering a similar issue. She revealed that men in the UK are not asking them to enter into serious relationships.

The woman expressed the difficulty of being a woman in the UK, as there seems to be a lack of commitment from men in pursuing romantic connections.

She humbly implored men in the UK to consider proposing to them, as the intense loneliness they are experiencing is greatly affecting their well-being.

This young lady’s TikTok video has gone viral due to the relatability of her message. She represents a collective voice of women who are experiencing the same predicament in the UK.

Despite her own personal beauty and charm, she highlights the struggles that many women face in finding a committed partner.

The woman emphasizes the challenging circumstances faced by ladies in the UK when it comes to establishing serious romantic relationships.

The absence of men willing to make a commitment has left these women feeling isolated and despondent. She pleads with men to step up and begin proposing to women, as the consequences of severe loneliness are taking a significant toll on their emotional well-being.

In a society where the search for love and companionship is often a shared desire, this young lady’s heartfelt plea strikes a chord with many.

Her request for men to actively pursue serious relationships with women in the UK is a call for a change in the dating culture.

It is a reminder that both men and women play a role in fostering meaningful connections and that a simple act of proposing can have a profound impact on someone’s life.


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