We can’t account for Raphael Dwamena’s career money – Brother

Samuel recently revealed that his late brother, Raphael Dwamena, had expressed his intention to build a house for their family before his untimely death.

Raphael had informed Samuel that he planned to begin the project in December 2023, but as of now, no progress has been made.

Samuel expressed disappointment that the plans for the house had not been realized, as Raphael had been enthusiastic about providing a home for the family.

When asked about the whereabouts of his late brother’s money, Samuel admitted that no one in the family had any knowledge of it.

He revealed that they were aware of the money Raphael had earned from his successful football career, but they were unsure of how it had been used.

Samuel speculated that Raphael’s wife might have information about the money, but he was unable to provide any concrete details.

The revelation about the missing money has left the family puzzled and concerned.

They had hoped that Raphael’s earnings would be used for the benefit of the family, especially in fulfilling his promise to build a house.

The uncertainty surrounding the money has added to the family’s grief over Raphael’s passing, as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of both their loved one and the potential future he had planned for them.


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