shatta wale

“We should give Safo Newman a new image, he should stop dressing like he just finished working security job” – Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale has expressed his dissatisfaction with Safo Newman’s choice of clothing and branding in a recent TikTok live chat with his fans.

He criticized the artist for not taking his appearance seriously and questioned his handlers for allowing him to dress in a manner that did not reflect his status as a successful musician.

Shatta Wale highlighted the importance of branding in the music industry and compared Safo Newman’s style to that of Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy, who is known for dressing his artists in fresh and appealing clothing to enhance their image.

The Dancehall king emphasized that Ghanaians need to start taking the music business more seriously and pay attention to how artists present themselves to the public.

He pointed out that Safo Newman’s lack of attention to his appearance is hindering his potential success in the industry.

Shatta Wale urged Safo Newman to invest in his image and brand himself in a way that will attract more fans and opportunities.

He emphasized the importance of creating a strong visual identity as an artist and encouraged him to take his career more seriously in order to achieve greater success.

Listen to Shatta Wale below…

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