We watch ‘POn()’every night- Ghanaian men

A group of Ghanaian men have recently come forward to acknowledge their addiction to consuming pornographic content.

This revelation followed a survey conducted by Accra-based GhOne TV to gauge the prevalence of porn consumption among men in the country.

To the surprise of many, three of the participants in a viral video openly admitted to indulging in pornographic materials regularly.

One of the men confessed without hesitation that he watches porn every night without fail.

The trio went on to explain that watching porn has greatly enhanced their sexual prowess by exposing them to a variety of different sex styles.

They firmly believe that this exposure has made them more skilled and attentive lovers, resulting in their partners remaining loyal to them.

The men emphasize the importance of watching pornographic content as a means of improving their performance in the bedroom.

This candid confession by the Ghanaian men sheds light on the widespread consumption of pornographic material and the impact it can have on individuals’ sexual experiences.

It also highlights the perception among some that watching porn can be beneficial in enhancing one’s sexual abilities and fostering stronger relationships.

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