Wendy Shay is ūglγ so no rich guy wants her- Twene Jonas

• Twene Jonas, an internet personality and YouTuber, criticizes musician Wendy Shay for allegedly exchanging sex for money.
• Shay denies involvement with “sakawa” boys and claims to have earned everything she owns.
• She challenges wealthy individuals who allegedly engage in sexual transactions to publicly shame her.
• Shay boasts about receiving attention from influential figures willing to pay for intimacy.
• Jonas defends Shay, citing her lack of attractiveness as a reason for her lack of interest.


Controversial internet personality and YouTuber, Twene Jonas, has criticized musician Wendy Shay for her comments regarding allegations of exchanging sex for money.

In response to reports linking her to such activities, Wendy Shay denied any involvement with “sakawa” boys and claimed that she had earned everything she owned, including her recently acquired Range Rover.

She boldly challenged any wealthy individual who had supposedly engaged in sexual transactions with her to come forward and publicly shame her.

Wendy Shay also boasted about receiving attention from presidents and other influential figures who were willing to pay for intimacy.

In a video response to the allegations made by “Ghana Wake Up”, Twene Jonas defended Wendy Shay by stating that she does not engage in such activities.

He attributed this to the fact that Wendy Shay is not considered attractive, which he believes is why men are not pursuing her.

He suggested that other beautiful female celebrities in Ghana are more desired by men, while Wendy Shay does not receive the same level of attention due to her appearance.

Overall, Twene Jonas’s comments imply that Wendy Shay’s lack of attractiveness may be a reason why she is not involved in exchanging sex for money, despite the claims made against her.

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