What at all do women want! Man who flew girlfriend in a helicopter to propose marriage to still cheated and got pregnant for another man – Photos

A man who planned a romantic helicopter proposal for his girlfriend was devastated to discover that she had been unfaithful and was carrying another man’s child.

The heartbroken man’s elaborate gesture of flying his girlfriend in a helicopter to propose to her turned into a nightmare when he learned the painful truth.

The man had gone to great lengths to make the proposal special, only to have his heart shattered by the betrayal of his girlfriend.

The photos below captured the moment when he realized that the woman he loved had been dishonest and had not been faithful to him.

The images show the man’s shock and disbelief as he processes the devastating news.

The pain and sadness in his eyes are palpable, as he comes to terms with the harsh reality of his girlfriend’s infidelity.

Despite his best efforts to create a memorable and romantic proposal, the man now faces the difficult task of moving on from the heartbreak and betrayal.

The photos serve as a poignant reminder of the pain and anguish that can accompany love and relationships, and the importance of trust and honesty in any partnership.

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