“What is this?”- Social Media reacts to Nana Yeboah’s new hairstyle

• Nana Yeboah showcases a popular braiding style, a trend typically worn by women.
• The video features a spiral design at the ends of each braided hair.
• The braided hairstyle has gained significant attention on social media.
• The video has sparked reactions, with some viewers surprised and outraged.
• The video has sparked discussions about gender and fashion, attracting netizen interest.


Nana Yeboah has caused a commotion on social media by confidently showcasing a popular hairstyle typically worn by women.

In a viral video, Nana Yeboah proudly displays a local braiding style, competing with women who have made the trend popular.

The braided hairstyle has recently gained a lot of attention on social media, catching the eye of many women.

However, Nana Yeboah decided to join in on the trend and show off his unique version.

The video highlights the spiral design at the ends of each braided hair on his head.

This video quickly sparked a variety of reactions on social media, with some surprised and even outraged by his choice to venture into what is seen as traditionally feminine territory.

Viewers had differing opinions, leading to humorous and shocked comments, generating discussions and debates online.

As the video continues to circulate, it has definitely caught the interest of netizens, sparking conversations about gender and fashion.

Some viewers expressed their thoughts:

@adepejuruth_cateringservice joked,

@iamlicious_g commented on the choice of hairstyle,

@billionairegenevieve questioned the style choice, and @__manofhope teased Nana Yeboah’s age.

The video has certainly caused a stir online.

Watch video below…

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