“What you did to me was painful but i have forgiven you”- Borla Ray tells Funny Face

The CEO of EIB Network and popular radio presenter, Bola Ray, has extended a warm welcome to his “prodigal son,” Funny Face, following a period of disrespect from the comedian.

In a recent video that went viral, Funny Face was captured spending time with Bola Ray at his office.

During this meeting, Funny Face took the opportunity to apologize for his rude and ungrateful behavior towards Bola Ray, despite the support and assistance he had received from him in the past.

Bola Ray expressed his hurt over Funny Face’s actions, but also made it clear that he had forgiven him. He offered some advice to Funny Face, urging him to stop taking people for granted and to start making better choices.

Bola Ray commended Funny Face for taking the positive step of checking himself into rehab to address the help he needed, showing his support and encouragement for the comedian’s journey towards healing and self-improvement.

The video of their reconciliation and heartfelt conversation showcases the bond between Bola Ray and Funny Face, and serves as a reminder of the importance of forgiveness, growth, and second chances.


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