Where is Ghana Jesus? All You Need To Know Mmbusem

Justice Hymns, the Ghanaian actor popularly known as Mmbusem, has been absent from the screens for an extended period. However, in recent times, he has resurfaced and garnered attention from fans curious about his whereabouts and the status of his acting career.

It appears that Mmbusem has been inspired by the support and trends he experienced while portraying the character of Ghana Jesus to spread the message of the gospel.

The actor has been actively engaged in evangelizing and sharing the teachings of the Lord with the world. Utilizing his social media platforms, Mmbusem delivers messages focused on salvation and embracing the Lord as the ultimate savior. He has transitioned away from acting and now dedicates his time to serving the Lord as he feels divinely called to do so.

Mmbusem has also ventured into full-time ministry, with promotional flyers for his programs circulating to reach a wider audience. In a past statement, he expressed his preference for being addressed as Rabbi or simply Jesus, rather than Jesus Christ, emphasizing his dedication to spreading the word of God.

Through his actions and words, Mmbusem continues to advocate for spiritual growth and the acceptance of the Lord as a guiding force in one’s life.

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