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Where is the baby? – Netizens ask as Asantewaa returns to Ghana without her baby (VIDEO)

Asantewaa has returned to Ghana after spending some time abroad, and she was met at the airport by her excited family, including Afronita, a former dancer from DWP.

While Asantewaa appeared thrilled to be back home, some observers noted that her baby was not with her, leading to speculation about the child’s whereabouts.

Rumors were circulating that Asantewaa had recently given birth after struggling with infertility for nearly six years.

The news of Asantewaa’s delivery was initially shared on social media by Obaa Cee, a popular Ghanaian TikToker based in the US who is close to Asantewaa.

There were also whispers about Asantewaa possibly having undergone multiple abortions or her husband having fertility issues due to his age.

Despite facing criticism and negative comments, Asantewaa has finally become a mother and received the blessing of motherhood.

She had been in the US since November and reportedly welcomed her baby on December 3, 2023.

Asantewaa’s return to Ghana has sparked curiosity and conversation about her journey to motherhood and the challenges she may have faced along the way.

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