Why are you w!cked like this? – Yvonne Nelson to Ghanaian leaders

She is shocked to learn that hospitals, that provide essential services to the people of Ghana, can also experience power cuts.

Her disbelief stems from the recent power outages at the Tema General Hospital, where newborn babies had to endure hot weather without electricity.

In response to this situation, she expressed her frustration on social media, questioning how the country’s leaders could allow such conditions to persist.

Yvonne Nelson directly addressed President Nana Akufo-Addo, criticizing him for what she perceives as a lack of action to address the ongoing power cuts, which have been plaguing Ghana.

The country has been facing intermittent power cuts, known locally as “dumsor,” and there have been calls for the government to provide a schedule for these outages.

However, the government has refused to do so, arguing that the current situation is an improvement compared to the power shortages experienced under the previous administration of John Dramani Mahama.

They claim that the power cuts are necessary for maintenance purposes and that they are working towards resolving the issue in the long term.

Despite the government’s explanations, many Ghanaians are frustrated with the ongoing power cuts and are calling for immediate action to address the situation.

The lack of electricity not only affects hospitals and essential services but also impacts businesses and daily life for citizens across the country.

There is a sense of urgency for the government to find a lasting solution to the power crisis and ensure reliable access to electricity for all Ghanaians.


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