“Why does the food look poor?” – Nigerians react to video of Regina Daniels cooking for her family

Regina Daniels, a well-known Nigerian actress, recently caused a buzz online when she shared a home video of herself cooking a simple meal of spaghetti with fish for her family.

What caught people’s attention was not the dish itself, but rather the size of the fish cuts she used.

Some viewers were surprised that as a billionaire’s wife, Daniels was not using more extravagant ingredients like turkey or chicken. However, others found her meal relatable, commenting on how it resembled what they themselves might eat at home.

The video sparked a debate on social media, with some questioning why a billionaire’s kitchen seemed to have such simple fare.

Despite the criticism, many users found comfort in seeing a more down-to-earth side of Daniels. Some even joked that if a billionaire’s wife was cutting fish like them, then they must be on the path to becoming billionaires themselves.

Overall, the video of Regina Daniels cooking spaghetti with fish struck a chord with viewers, showcasing a mix of admiration, surprise, and humor.

It highlighted the fact that even celebrities like Daniels can enjoy a humble meal like the rest of us.

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