Why I never released a movie I featured Daddy Lumba – Lilwin explains

Actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as Lilwin, recently shared an interesting story about shooting a movie with legendary musician Daddy Lumba.

Lilwin mentioned that despite spending a significant amount of money on the project, the movie was never released.

This was because Daddy Lumba expressed dissatisfaction with his appearance in the film.

Lilwin explained that he had the opportunity to work with Daddy Lumba, Ampong, Amakye Dede, and other notable stars in this movie.

However, after viewing the final product, Daddy Lumba felt that he did not look good in the film and suggested reshooting it.

Despite the potential for the movie to be a commercial success, Lilwin chose to respect Daddy Lumba’s wishes and not release the film.

Interestingly, Daddy Lumba not only provided financial support during the filming process but also initially enjoyed the preview of the movie.

Nevertheless, he later contacted Lilwin to express his concerns about his appearance in the film, prompting the decision to reshoot the entire project.

Lilwin’s decision to prioritize Daddy Lumba’s opinion over potential profits demonstrates his respect for the music icon and their professional relationship.

Despite the setback, this experience highlights the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in the entertainment industry.

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