“Why Is This Piece Of Yam 1GHC?”- Beautiful Ghanaian Lady Cries Over Expensive Fried Yam

A Ghanaian woman expressed her frustration on social media regarding the high prices of food in certain parts of Accra.

In a video shared on TikTok, the young lady known as @Missmalisaam, voiced her concerns about the cost of a single piece of fried yam.

She was visibly shocked by the expensive price of the small slice of yam she displayed to the camera.

@Missmalisaa questioned why such a small piece of yam could be priced at GH? 1, expressing her confusion and disbelief.

She emphasized her point by highlighting the size of the yam in comparison to its cost.

The reactions from netizens varied, with some questioning her political affiliations, while others pointed out the various costs involved in preparing the yam for sale.

One user mentioned the expenses such as transportation, salt, oil, water, gas, and energy that contribute to the final price.

Another user remarked on the irony of the situation, comparing the relatively lower cost of instant noodles to the high price of yam.

One user lamented the fact that yam, a locally grown product, is now being sold at exorbitant prices.

Overall, the video sparked a discussion about the rising cost of food in Ghana and the economic factors contributing to it.

Watch video below…

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