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“Why will you wear such a dress to children’s party?” -Netizens blast Kisa Gbekle for her outfit to Tracey Boakye’s daughter’s birthday party (video)

Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle is facing heavy criticism from the public for her inappropriate attire at a children’s party.

A video that circulated online showed Kisa Gbekle at the birthday celebration of Tracey Boakye’s daughter, where she was seen wearing a white tight dress that revealed her nipples.

The party was meant to be a children’s themed event, with many guests bringing their kids along. However, Kisa Gbekle’s choice of outfit raised eyebrows and sparked outrage among viewers.

Many people expressed their disapproval of Kisa Gbekle’s attire, with some even warning Tracey Boakye to keep her husband away from Kisa.

The actress’s revealing dress, combined with her recent foray into music, has led to speculation about her motives for seeking attention.

Despite reportedly spending over GHC60k on enhancing her body, Kisa Gbekle’s attempts to gain attention seem to have backfired. Her music release also received criticism, suggesting that perhaps music is not her forte.

Overall, Kisa Gbekle’s controversial appearance at the children’s party has caused a stir, with many questioning her judgment and behavior. Watch the video below to see the outfit that has sparked such a strong reaction.

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