“Without S!de Chicks, Most Marriages Would Be Very Difficult And C0llapse” – Man says

During a video session with Nigerian counselor, Francisca Emmanuel, a man made the argument that cheating is a normal behavior for men and that without side chicks, many marriages would not survive.

The counselor posed the question of whether a man who cheats on his wife is still capable of loving her.

One participant firmly stated that if you truly love someone, you would not betray their trust by cheating, as it can cause great pain to your partner.

However, another man had a different perspective, asserting that cheating is a common practice among men and that having side chicks is essential to sustaining a marriage.

He claimed that no single woman can possess all the qualities that a man desires, so it is necessary to seek out other women who can fulfill different needs.

In his view, cheating is a normal and even beneficial aspect of relationships.

He argued that sidechicks play a crucial role in maintaining marriages, as they offer qualities and experiences that the primary partner may lack.

Without these additional relationships, he believed that many marriages would collapse.

The man expressed his belief that one woman is not enough for one man, as different women serve different purposes.

He emphasized the importance of variety in fulfilling all of a man’s needs within a relationship.

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