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woman reveals she’s happily living with her husband who brought another wife to stay in the same house.

Giselle and Gilbert Gomez, a married couple from Connecticut, have embraced a polyamorous lifestyle after Gilbert fell in love with Monica Sandoval. The trio, who have four children between them, live together in a harmonious household. The children enjoy the benefits of having two mothers, according to Giselle.
Monica, 37, initially dated Gilbert, 38, unaware that he was married. She was later introduced to Giselle, 34, and they all formed a unique bond. Gilbert and Giselle’s youngest child, Max, was diagnosed with liver cancer. Monica, who already had a daughter, was instrumental in taking care of Max during his chemotherapy treatments.
Giselle supported Monica when she gave birth to Gilbert’s child in March 2016. The threesome have navigated the challenges of their unusual setup by “understanding each other and making things one,” Giselle said.
The family have received positive support from their extended families, and share their experiences openly on social media. Despite the potential for negative feedback, Giselle maintains that they would not let it affect them.
The key to their successful relationship, Giselle explains, is teamwork, respect, and overcoming feelings of jealousy. She concluded, “We have no limits and everything goes.”


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