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Yahoo Internet Scam Is A Blessing, It Has Saved People From Poverty And From Becoming Armed Robbers – Nigerian Man

A young Nigerian man has come forward to advocate for internet fraud, commonly known as Yahoo, as a positive influence in his country.

In a podcast, he expressed his belief that Yahoo has been a significant blessing to the people of Nigeria, contrary to the negative perceptions surrounding the practice.

According to the individual, internet fraud has had a positive impact on the country by providing an alternative source of income for many individuals. He argued that without Yahoo, there would be a higher prevalence of young men resorting to criminal activities such as carrying guns

Additionally, he claimed that internet fraud has helped lift many people out of poverty and has contributed to the construction of numerous beautiful houses across the nation.

The individual’s perspective sheds light on the complex socio-economic realities faced by many Nigerians, highlighting the role that internet fraud plays in providing financial stability for some individuals.

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