Yolo Actress Etty Bedi disgraces herself on LIVE Interview after taking weed (VIDEO)

Etty Bedi caused a stir at the premiere of Fella Makafui’s movie “Resonance” at Silverbird Cinema in Accra Mall with a shocking revelation.

Dressed in white and sporting a blond hairstyle that showcased her body art, she stood out at the event.

During an interview with Eddie Nartey, Bedi confessed to trying marijuana for the first time, attributing her relaxed demeanor on camera to the drug.

Eddie Nartey was surprised by her confession and questioned her about her sudden change in behavior.

Bedi, struggling to maintain composure, was honest about her experimentation with weed but expressed her happiness about the project and its impact in Ghana.

She acknowledged that marijuana may have influenced her behavior but assured that she was handling it well.

When asked if she had used marijuana before the event, Bedi admitted to feeling a bit high during the interview, stating that she enjoys exploring new experiences and that everyone has their moments.

The interview went viral, sparking discussions among viewers.

Some criticized her actions, while others speculated that it could have been a calculated move to attract media attention.

Despite the controversy, Bedi remained positive about the project and her experiences.

Checkout video below…

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