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“You Are Broke If You Earn $2000 Abroad”: Man In Ghana Tells Borgas

He stated that Ghanaians living abroad put in long hours of work to earn minimal amounts in their host countries, only to come back to Ghana and boast about their earnings.

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He warned that if they continue this trend of relying solely on physical labor instead of utilizing their intelligence, they will eventually suffer from physical ailments.

He emphasized the importance of using one’s brain and knowledge in addition to physical strength when working.

The man, based in Kumasi, expressed that earning $2000 a month in a foreign country classifies one as poor, despite the perception in Ghana that it is a significant amount.

He urged Ghanaians living abroad to focus on fulfillment and health rather than just money.

The video of his advice on TikTok sparked various reactions from Ghanaians online, with some agreeing with his perspective while others felt he was being judgmental.

One individual suggested that those earning low incomes abroad should invest in property to truly gauge their financial stability.

Overall, the man’s message highlighted the importance of using one’s intellect and skills to succeed, rather than relying solely on physical labor.

Watch video below…

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