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You Are Just Bitter That She Left You And Became More Popular – Peeps Bash Afronita’s Former Manager For Saying She Is Rude

Some Ghanaians and fans of Afronita have criticized her ex-manager, Quables, for accusing her of being envious of her fellow dancer, Endurance.

In a recent interview, Quables made various allegations about Afronita’s departure from the Dance With Purpose Academy (DWP), claiming that Afronita’s mother pressured him to buy costumes for her performances.

Despite clarifying that it wasn’t his responsibility to provide clothing for Afronita, her mother insisted that it was the manager’s duty.

Quables also claimed that Afronita harbored jealousy towards Endurance, leading to tension when he attempted to manage both dancers.

Afronita ultimately left DWP and established her Kids Dance Academy, receiving support from some celebrities but not her former DWP colleagues.

Quables suggested that Afronita’s perceived arrogance prevented her from inviting her former colleagues to the academy’s launch.

However, some individuals believe that Quables’ negative comments stem from jealousy towards Afronita.

The ongoing controversy has divided opinions among fans and observers, with many questioning the motives behind Quables’ actions.

A video snippet of the interview has circulated online, adding fuel to the heated debate surrounding Afronita and Quables’ strained relationship.

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