“You claim to help people give birth but you don’t have kids on your own”- Prophet Azuka shades the late Grace Boadu

Prophet Azuka has made a subtle critique of Doctor Grace Boadu, a well-known Ghanaian herbalist, suggesting that she tends to boast about her accomplishments.

Prophet Azuka issued a stern caution to herbalists, advising them to refrain from boasting to others, as it could have fatal consequences.

In a widely circulated video, the self-proclaimed man of God issued a stern warning to herbalists, emphasizing the tragic demise of Doctor Grace Boadu as a cautionary tale for them.

According to Prophet Azuka, herbalists should prioritize their spiritual life and be aware of the challenges they may face while healing individuals troubled by spiritual entities.

This serves as a valuable lesson for those herbalists who tend to boast excessively. One must exercise caution when seeking help from healers, as they may inadvertently contract the patient’s illnesses. He emphasized the importance of not underestimating spiritual matters, as they require strong spiritual support,” he stated.

He asserted that many of the claims made by herbalists, such as the ability to resurrect the dead and facilitate childbirth, are completely false.

He claims that certain herbalists experience the very issues they boast about being able to handle effortlessly.

There are individuals who claim to possess the ability to revive someone using herbal remedies, but such assertions lack factual basis. There are those who boast about their ability to work miracles, yet the individual in question is personally experiencing difficulty in conceiving a child. “If you don’t fulfill your promise, the consequences could be fatal,” he warned.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emmanuel Boadu, the biological brother of the late Doctor Grace Boadu, revealed that his sister had a daughter who is currently residing with their mother in Belgium.

In an interview on Angel FM, which Ghbase.com monitored, he clarified that the individuals who claimed in interviews that the CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic did not have a child were actually neighbors, not family members as they had previously stated.

“Being from the same hometown as the deceased does not automatically make you her family member.” None of these claims are accurate. The family has yet to make a formal statement to the public. “Ignore anyone claiming to be Dr. Grace’s family member,” he advised.

He revealed that his mother and Doctor Grace Boadu’s daughter would be delivering a speech at a press conference to address the rumors circulating on social media.

“Contrary to popular belief, my mother, Doc’s mother, is actually in Belgium, not America.” She and Doc’s daughter are currently in Belgium. They are about to arrive in Ghana. Therefore, the family can gather and provide Ghanaians with all the necessary information. He mentioned that the family plans to hold a press conference on either Friday or Saturday to address the rumors circulating on social media from different sources.


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