“You didn’t go to your own mother’s funeral” – Becca Slammed After Traveling to Nigeria for Mother-in-law’s Funeral

Becca’s decision to attend her mother-in-law’s funeral after skipping her own birth mother’s funeral has sparked outrage among social media users.

Many are calling her ungrateful for not showing up to pay her final respects to her mother.

Becca, along with Stacy Amoateng and other celebrities, traveled to Nigeria for the burial of her husband, Dr. Tobi’s mother.

This event has brought to light the strained relationship between Becca and her birth mother, who passed away some time ago.

The fact that Becca chose to attend her mother-in-law’s funeral while neglecting her own mother’s funeral has left many people disappointed and angry.

One netizen expressed their disappointment, saying, “Eiii ur own mom u didn’t go.ur husband who can leave u at anytime.u are there dancing.ungrateful soul😢😢😢😢.imhighly disapointed.”

Another commenter criticized Becca’s actions, stating, “May we born daughter who have sense IJN! Your own mother’s funeral you didn’t go, look at what her mother went through to have her at such an young age and she did her mother like that! Smh.”

Overall, Becca’s decision to prioritize her mother-in-law’s funeral over her own mother’s has not been well-received by the public, with many questioning her loyalty and gratitude towards her birth mother.

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