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You Don’t Become Successful By Stealing Government’s Money – Cheddar blast kennedy agyapong

Presidential hopeful for the New Force Movement, Nana Kwame Bediako, AKA Cheddar, has voiced his concerns over the conduct of successful politicians in a recent interview with the Daily Graphic.

Mr. Caesar, also known as ‘the man behind the mask’, criticized the alleged misuse of state funds by government officials for personal gain, rather than for the implementation of developmental projects.

Mr. Caesar questioned the source of the wealth of successful politicians, implying that it could be due to government favoritism rather than their entrepreneurial efforts. “Are they doing well because they are entrepreneurs, or are they doing well because the government wants them to do well?” he questioned.

He opined that the nation needs self-made individuals in positions of leadership, not those who have been built on state funds. “Stealing your own country’s money and calling yourself a successful person, I’m not proud of you and I’m not proud to be one of them,” he stated.

Mr. Caesar also referenced his admiration for leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, signaling his desire for a shift in the way the state operates. He expressed his disinterest in using state resources for personal enrichment, emphasizing the importance of public interest over self-interest.


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