“You don’t have money for someone your age?” – Woman confronts lover about not having enough money (VIDEO)

A video circulating on social media has ignited discussions about the role of women in relationships.

The video captures a Nigerian woman confronting her financially struggling boyfriend who is unable to provide food for her despite her hunger.

The video, shared on Ghpage TV’s Instagram account, shows the woman calmly seated next to her boyfriend as she questions him about his financial situation.

She expresses her disappointment by remarking, “At this age, you don’t have money,” while gently touching him, perhaps hoping to motivate him to find a way to provide for her.

The young man, however, insists that he is broke and unable to do anything about it. Undeterred, the woman persists, emphasizing her hunger and her desire to eat.

The heart-wrenching moment depicted in the video has garnered attention online and sparked conversations about the dynamics of relationships and financial responsibility.

The video, which can be seen below, serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by couples when financial stability becomes an issue.

Watch the video below.


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