You Left Your Wife Who Struggled With You and Your Kids to Remarry – Netizen Drags Pascal Amanfo

According to a social media user, Amanfo decided to leave his wife and children to pursue a new relationship.

The netizen alleges that the woman, who goes by the name Pascal, faced many challenges while trying to make ends meet, but now that things have improved, Amanfo has abandoned her.

This revelation comes in light of Pascal recently getting married to a stunning bride. In response to photos from the wedding ceremony, one fan expressed their surprise, stating that they knew Amanfo when he was just 16 years old and already married with kids.

The fan goes on to mention that they used to live near the couple and recalls how Pascal and his wife worked hard together to overcome difficulties.

The fan seems to suggest that the wedding could potentially be a blessing ceremony, but also hints at the possibility of Amanfo and his wife being divorced.

The post elicits a mix of emotions from readers, as they reflect on the ups and downs of Pascal and his wife’s relationship.

Overall, the situation serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships.

Check out the post below…

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