You Made Fun Of My Husband And I – McBrown Causes Stir As She Attacks Linda Osei On Her Show

During a recent episode of her show, actress and host Nana Ama McBrown opened up about her feelings towards TikToker Linda Osei, known as Kofios.

McBrown LindaoSEI

McBrown admitted that she had been holding onto grudges against Linda for mocking and trolling her on social media.

She revealed that Linda would often make jokes at her expense, even going as far as poking fun at her husband, Maxwell.

McBrown confessed that she found Linda’s behavior irritating and even admitted that she may have resorted to physical violence if they had met under different circumstances.

Linda’s daughter, Felicia Osei, who was also present on the show, spoke up about her mother’s actions, advising her to avoid causing unnecessary drama and conflict online.

Linda, who recently returned to Ghana after 12 years in the U.K., explained that she was back for a vacation and to reconnect with her children whom she had missed dearly.

The tension between McBrown and Linda was evident during the conversation, with McBrown expressing her frustrations while Linda seemed to show remorse for her past actions.

The encounter was emotional and raw, shedding light on the impact of cyberbullying and the importance of resolving conflicts in person rather than through social media.

Watch the video below;

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