You Sell Flat Tummy Products To Us But Your Flat Tummy Is From BBL” – Beautiful Lady Slams Fella Makafui For Deceiving Ghanaians

In a viral video making the rounds on social media, an attractive woman expresses her disappointment towards Fella Makafui, the wife of Ghanaian musician Medikal, for allegedly undergoing cosmetic surgeries in Nigeria and Turkey to achieve a flat tummy.

The woman questions why Fella Makafui would promote flat tummy products to Ghanaians when she has reportedly achieved her flat tummy through surgical means.

The woman in the video criticizes Fella Makafui for supposedly deceiving her followers and customers by selling them products that she may not have personally used to achieve her desired physique.

She believes that it is misleading for Fella Makafui to endorse flat tummy products when she may have obtained her results through surgical interventions.

The woman’s frustration stems from her belief that Fella Makafui’s actions are dishonest and unethical, as she is potentially profiting off of her followers’ desire to achieve similar results through natural means.

The video has sparked a debate online, with many people questioning the authenticity of Fella Makafui’s claims and the products she promotes.

Overall, the woman in the video is calling out Fella Makafui for her alleged hypocrisy and urging her to be more transparent about her own journey to achieving a flat tummy.

She believes that honesty and authenticity are crucial when promoting products to the public, especially when it comes to matters of personal appearance and body image.

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