You will regret it if you send me Alpha Hour links again- man threatens friend

An unnamed Ghanaian man has warned his friend sternly about the constant forwarding of Alpha Hour links.

In a leaked audio that has since gone viral, the man expressed frustration and disappointment, urging his friend to choose between their friendship and sending him such links.

He criticized the churches in the country for their perceived indifference towards the hardships faced by the people, pointing out that numerous issues are plaguing Ghana without any meaningful response from the religious leaders.

The man emphasized that the Alpha Hour links should be directed towards the president, Akufo Addo, and other government officials instead.

He argued that these individuals, who hold positions of power and influence, are the ones in need of spiritual guidance and moral reflection.

The man insinuated that these government figures have hidden skeletons in their closets and should be the ones targeted with the religious content, rather than ordinary citizens.

Overall, the man’s message was a call for accountability and responsibility among the country’s leaders, highlighting the need for them to address the issues facing the nation with sincerity and integrity.


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