Young couple go viral as they spend less than 500 cedis / (62,000 naira) on their wedding (Pictures)

Breaking away from the extravagant wedding trend, a young Ghanaian couple has garnered attention on social media for their conscious decision to have a modest yet meaningful celebration of their union.

By spending less than 500 cedis on their wedding, this couple has not only won over hearts but also set a commendable example of prioritizing their future over lavishness.

In a time where opulent weddings often take the spotlight, this couple’s choice to opt for a more budget-friendly approach is refreshing.

Instead of giving in to societal expectations and splurging on their special day, they chose to be prudent with their resources, focusing on building a strong foundation for their life together.

Their commitment to investing in their future beyond the wedding ceremony is evident in their modest yet elegant civil wedding photos, which exude sincerity and joy.

In a society where wedding expenses can spiral out of control, this couple’s decision to keep their costs low sends a powerful message about financial responsibility and planning ahead. Their story serves as a reminder that love and commitment are what truly matter in a marriage, not the extravagance of the celebration.

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