Young lady records old man’s extra large ‘BOLA’ while he was urinating at a roadside (watch video)

The elderly man seemed to be a driver relieving himself near a wall at the station when unexpectedly a young woman began filming him.

The man was displeased with her actions and inquired why she was recording his private parts. However, the woman insisted that she was only filming herself and not him.

In the video, the old man’s large belly was prominently featured. Watch the video below to see the encounter unfold.

In the footage, it is evident that the man was caught off guard by the woman’s recording. He appeared to be embarrassed by the situation, especially as his private moment was being captured on camera.

The woman’s explanation that she was not filming him did little to assuage the man’s discomfort.

The video captures the awkward exchange between the man and the woman, highlighting the unexpected nature of the encounter.

Despite the man’s attempts to maintain his privacy, the woman’s recording ultimately exposed his vulnerability in a public setting.

Overall, the video serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting others’ privacy, even in seemingly mundane situations.

It also underscores the power of technology in capturing moments that may not have been intended for public consumption.

Check out the video below;


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