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Young Woman Accuses her own Father of Sexual Abuse on Aunty Naa’s show

In a shocking revelation, a young Ghanaian woman in her early twenties has accused her father of sexually abusing her multiple times. Lovia, the woman in question, brought the matter to a popular radio show hosted by Aunty Naa, in an attempt to expose her father’s alleged actions.

According to Lovia, the abuse was not confined to their home but extended to a guest house in Toase, located in the Ashanti Region. She alleges her father took her to the guest house specifically for the purpose of having intercourse with her. The frequency of the alleged abuse has reportedly left Lovia feeling overwhelmed and desperate, prompting her to break her silence.

The accused father, who was also present in the radio studio at the time of the revelation, vehemently denied the allegations. He reacted with strong indignation, threatening to curse his daughter for publicly shaming him.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the harsh reality of sexual abuse within families. It underscores the need for stricter laws and more robust mechanisms to protect victims of such heinous crimes. The veracity of Lovia’s claims remains to be verified by the appropriate authorities.

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