“Your husband doesn’t know how to act, it is not by force to feature him in your movies” – Social Media Drags Tracey Boakye

Social media users have criticized Frank Ntiamoah, the husband of Tracey Boakye, for his poor acting skills which they believe are dragging down the quality of the movies produced by Boakye.

Many are of the opinion that Boakye should refrain from casting her husband in every movie she produces due to his lackluster performance.

In a recent video released by Tracey Boakye’s Shakira Productions, the couple is seen acting together once again, a scenario that has become all too familiar to viewers. Boakye portrays a river goddess in the film, while her husband takes on the role of a lost hunter.

The repetitive casting of Ntiamoah in Boakye’s films has led to criticism from fans and industry insiders alike, who feel that his acting does not meet the standards expected in the industry. Some have suggested that Boakye should consider casting other actors who can bring more depth and talent to her productions.

It is clear that there is a growing consensus among audiences that Ntiamoah’s acting abilities are not up to par, and that his inclusion in Boakye’s movies is becoming a detriment to the overall quality of her work. As such, it may be time for Boakye to reassess her casting choices and consider bringing in fresh talent to breathe new life into her films.

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