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“Your January salary is for me, not for you or your family or even the church”- Pastor tells Church members (video)

Pastor John Anosike, a well-known Nigerian religious leader, has attracted attention due to his controversial instructions to his church members regarding their January salary, known as the “first fruit.”

Traditionally, churchgoers give their entire January salary to the church as a way to show gratitude and dedication to God.

However, Pastor Anosike has taken a different approach and instructed his members to redirect this offering to himself rather than the church.

During his sermon, Pastor Anosike justified his decision by stating that the first fruit was intended for him.

He promised those who followed his instructions that they would witness miracles and wonders by the middle of the year.

This directive has generated mixed reactions among church attendees, with some feeling shocked and confused by the departure from the usual practice.

The video provided below showcases Pastor Anosike’s sermon and sheds light on the controversy surrounding his request for members to pay their January salary directly to him, rather than the church.


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