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“You’re A W!cked and bad Friend for taking over your friend’s business” – Delay Tells Salma

• Actress Salma Mumin shares personal life and start of eatery with a friend.
• Despite objections from her friend, Salma added drinks, including alcoholic ones, to her menu.
• Delay criticizes Salma for taking over her friend’s business after receiving help.
• Critics argue Salma’s actions have led to social media criticism.


Actress Salma Mumin has become a hot topic after her appearance on the Delay show.

During her interview with Delay, Salma opened up about her personal life and revealed that a friend had helped her to start her eatery.

This friend had provided her with space in her shop for the food joint while Salma ran a pub.

Salma shared that she had wanted to add juice to her menu at one point, but her friend had objected as she was already selling drinks.

Despite this, Salma added drinks, including alcoholic beverages, to her menu.

She mentioned that her friend was not present at the shop early on, and customers were asking for drinks with their food.

Delay pointed out that Salma had not been a good friend by essentially taking over her friend’s business after receiving help.

This has led to criticism of Salma on social media, with many users agreeing with Delay’s perspective.

The video of the interview can be watched below.

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