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Zionfelix Is Not Very Smart, He Only Asks St*pid Questions In Interviews – Abena Korkor Goes Rogue

• Korkor chooses interviews with individuals she deems unintelligent, like Zionfelix, to increase her visibility.
• She criticizes Zionfelix for his lack of intelligence and English proficiency.
• Korkor criticizes Zionfelix for consistently asking inane questions during interviews.
• She believes Zionfelix squanders opportunities by focusing on trivial topics.
• Korkor expresses disappointment in Zionfelix’s interviewing abilities and questioning his suitability.
• She expects more from interviewers and refuses to settle for subpar interactions.


Abena Korkor stated that she only chooses to be interviewed by individuals she deems unintelligent, such as Zionfelix, when she wants to increase her visibility.

She expressed that it is widely known that Zion lacks intelligence and is not proficient in the English language.

Additionally, she criticized him for consistently asking her inane questions during their interviews.

Korkor expressed her frustration with Zionfelix, stating that he squanders the chances she gives him to interview her by focusing on trivial topics.

She emphasized that he fails to engage in meaningful conversation and instead wastes their time with nonsensical inquiries.

In a recent interview, Korkor did not hold back in criticizing Zionfelix for his lack of intelligence and poor interview skills.

She made it clear that she believes he is not up to par with other interviewers and does not take their interactions seriously.

Overall, Korkor’s comments towards Zionfelix were scathing, highlighting her disappointment in his interviewing abilities and questioning his suitability as an interviewer.

She made it known that she expects more from those who interview her and will not settle for subpar interactions.

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