Zodwa does It Again, As Fans F!nger her during a live performance (Watch Video)

Zodwa Wabantu’s string of controversies shows no signs of stopping, with new scandals cropping up every week.

During a recent show, the South African dancer drew a large crowd as fans eagerly anticipated her performance.

Known for her daring acts, Zodwa did not disappoint as she took to the stage in her signature revealing attire.

During her performance, Zodwa shocked fans by leaping into the arms of her admirers, exposing herself in the process.

The enthusiastic crowd took advantage of the situation, touching her inappropriately.

Thankfully, she was eventually rescued from the situation.

You can view the video of the incident below. Despite the constant scrutiny and controversy surrounding her.

Zodwa Wabantu continues to draw a dedicated following who are eager to witness her daring performances.

Watch video belowā€¦



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